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WM 88
  Before i know that Mightycucumber's "Starmac" (or even test drive it) based off an actual R/C kit from the 80's, i was busy trying to make sense out of Cougar GT custom chassis. I made 3 bodies for it that eventually got deleted because my own lack of interest. One day i thought "Would it be great to make a replica of 80's R/C which has easy chassis and handles as fast as Super Pro class since it got hyped up recently?".

The search began and finally i found out that Delta Super Phaser is actually what Starmac based off, so i just had to grab the body and make a rounder wheel arches, and of course, custom shells/body. My love for Can-Am race cars was on fire back then that i had to make mix breed of Shadow Mk2 and McLaren M20, and also a custom LMP/Group C Peugeot WM88. Yeah, so random, I know right?

Norfair came out of nowhere to save myself from abandoning that very masterpiece. He was so into it that he helped me doing the texture shading, trim, and detail overlays. He was so into it that he made all the liveries for each cars. I only made one livery for WM 88, a classic tri-tone Italy livery. I can't never thank that man enough for helping me achieving my goal to make this replica.

Hosted 2 competitive sessions titled "80's Electric Can-Am", 8 - 10 people joined and we both got some positive responses, i'm glad that my aim to replicate the handling of an electric pan chassis on-road R/C result more fun, even in simulation mode.

That's all i wanna share really, i packed the overlays in repaintkit folder for y'all repainters out there that wanted to make alternate liveries for these bad boys.

About the parameter differences between 3 cars :
-Super Phaser = 45Mph, slides a bit (speed car)
-WM 88 = 44Mph, better handling (basically all rounder)
-Bryant MK2 = 43Mph, greatest grip (RV Simo On-Road Track specialist)

Me Ziggy, and Norfair really hope all y'all enjoy our first R/C replica.

*from now on, i only upload my new cars with 1 livery, because it has been bothersome to upload here with all the liveries included, ended up with "file is not packed correctly".*

here's the link for the full zip file :