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  I am proud to introduce the newest member of the Re-Volt family (and also my first-ever video game model). Ordinarily, when playing this game I tend to gravitate toward the Advanced class (as I feel it has the best looking cars) but I also love driving fast cars... so I wanted to get the best of both worlds with this one. The idea here was to create a vehicle that not only had a lot of personality but could also be a contender in competitive races, so it falls within the Pro class.
My inspiration came directly from one of my childhood R/C cars ['65 Chevy Impala] ( seen here: ) and also my first-ever real car ['97 Mercury Grand Marquis ] so I tried my best to mix the two while adding in my own designs along the way. I love the idea of putting a V8-like muscle car into this game; something that I don't believe has been done all that much, and I wanted this trait to act as sort of a double-edged sword for the vehicle: Very high top end at the cost of acceleration and grip.

The driving style of this car feels like some kind of strange cross between simulation and arcade-style which I find very satisfying, challenging and rewarding all at once. For me, it falls in the vein of "easy to learn yet difficult to master". You will easily be able to get around the track; the weight distribution will afford you the ability to power slide around most corners (very satisfying to do in this car), but you will ultimately find yourself either losing control on a landing or getting wiped out by other drivers - as the lack of grip makes this car very prone to PIT maneuvers/falls (hence the challenge). These drawbacks are due to the fact that the CoM sits primarily in the engine block and because it is a RWD car (just like the Grand Marquis) you lose a lot of crucial grip. All of this can be compensated for of course, with some finesse and skillful driving.

The V8-style engine is something that I wanted visualized with a large Re-Volt brand battery sticking out the hood - which looks very cool! I prefer driving battery powered R/C cars in this game and there aren't many to speak of in the SemiPro+ classes, so I made sure to give electric cars some limelight with this guy. It ranks #1 in terms of raw top speed among all other Pro level R/C cars (stock/bonus/io).
When it comes to surfaces, this car loves carpet and grass, but can get a little temperamental on glossy surfaces (Note: it absolutely hates ice!). In terms of combat, pretty much anything that exerts a lateral force on the car will be your enemy (beware of bottle rockets!) explosions on the other hand (such as the bomb) are very hit and miss; this guys likes to remain upright due to the weight factor. The golden battery is your friend - this is one of the few Pro level cars that can actually capitalize on that item.

I hope you enjoy driving this car as much as I enjoyed creating it - and maybe someday it will be included in an official content pack. Until then, happy racing!