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  This track is originally made by Nintendo Co. Ltd. for the game "Super Mario Kart" and then remade as a retro track for the game "Mario Kart Wii".
This is a coversion using the models from Mario Kart Wii and adapted to fit the size of RVGL cars. I do not own this track's model, textures or concept.

Creator notes: This is the first of (I hope) multiple conversions from Mario Kart Wii.

Technical notes: The sand besides the track is drivable, although will slow you down quite a bit (I tried to recreate the offroad effect from Mario Kart Wii).
You can drive wherever you want, even on the sides of the track if you really feel the need to, except on the grass. The whole track is enclosed in reposition triggers so jumping out of the track is an instant repo.
You can jump over the inner walls, but if you fall on the grass you will be repositioned immediately.
There is one time split instead of the usual 3 because the track is pretty short (only 20 seconds with toyeca).
I copied the item sets from MKWii, although in the original game there are 6 and 5 items in the 1st and the other 2 sets, while here I put 8 and 6 items because of the 16 players limit (instead of 12).
In this track there will always be 20 pickups (+ 1 star) regardless of the number of players. This allows for even matches where everyone can get an item. The side effect is that races will a bit more chaotic, but I prefer that to unfair.
You can race in reverse even though the original game never allowed so (maybe in one of the Mario Kart Channel Event). In reverse, the first item was moved to be in front of the grid (instead of behind).
This track is pretty short and I would advise 5 laps instead of the usual 3.
I rated this track as "Easy", since it's really a very beginner friendly track, but don't be fooled: it's a pretty hard track to master since there are a lot of long turns and multiple racing lines all equally viable.

I will repeat this more than one time: you can take whatever path fits you best. You can take for example the shortcut at the end, there is no reposition trigger to prevent this. You can also drive behind the pipe, the lap will count and you will not be repositioned.

Thank you for playing RVGL in 2020 and for downloading this track. I hope you enjoy.

You may not publish an edited version this track without my permission, unless I've been out of the RVGL scene for a couple years. If I leave and return, I reserve any right to undo any edit you made to the track.
This track is part of the MKWii Conversion Project for RVGL. It will include (I hope) all the 32 stock tracks in Mario Kart Wii, complete with reverse version if possible (sorry, no reverse on Rainbow Road).

UPDATE v1.1: Added shadows around the track, should look nicer, and the boost panel is now outlined black.

UPDATE v1.2: Added original music!